Many worthy draenei have undergone this trial, only to return broken You know what is at stake. Thank you both for your counsel. Traits we shal’dorei value as well. The Skyhorn shall serve my masters! But for lizard birds.

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Had Uul’gyneth’s plan succeeded, we all would have been made into servants phr the Old Gods I will remain here while Graysky aids you. Return to the void rift so that we may honor your accomplishment. Uuna est à l’origine une mascotte obtenable sur Argus. But we understand a truth that they do not.

Astuce : créer rapidement un personnage prédéfini sur PTR – World of Warcraft –

The Skyhorn shall serve my masters! Bon d’accord on veut bien que vous nous aidiez la Horde Pour moi c’est comme Le Ww tor ils se doivent de rester neutre.

Alleria Coursevent et Turalyon à la vallée des Héros de Hurlevent. Names are of little consequence. There’s so much I never got to do.


I will come with you, Mayla.

From this day forth, the Alliance has our loyalty. What would you ask of me? Had I known, I might have set a bigger table! Dow Horde offers its protection We all know the Alliance incurred heavy losses in the war against the Legion.

The lifeblood of Azeroth belongs to the Horde. It is time we thank you for all that you have done for us.

Patch (PTR) : dialogues dataminés [SPOILERS] – World of Warcraft –

I was scared I’d never see you again! I regret you had to witness that exchange, Thalyssra. Why would you want to be a high elf when you can look all tragic and brooding?

ptr wow

This void storm is a conduit You hide it well Fort heureusement, il existe une superbe astuce pour passer outre cette file d’attente! It is of kinship that I wish to speak. Like no other, my love. You are among the first shal’dorei to venture forth and explore the wilds of Azeroth.

Tier 3 Raid Transmog Sets

It is my honor to present you with the armor of our people. Parmi les nombreuses nouveautés apportées sur les royaumes de test avec le patch 7.


A pity you remain defiant. I wish Nuu were here. We have so many places to go! Your duty begins in Stormwind. When our city faced its darkest hour, the heroes of Azeroth fought with us to drive out the Legion. I must see my homeland again with my own eyes The time has come for woe to venture beyond our sacred peaks.

Thank you both for your counsel. One war ends, the next begins.

ptr wow

More like Kirin Snore. We have established an embassy in Stormwind to spearhead these efforts. I will join you soon.